UPDATE: Migration from Box Online Storage to Microsoft OneDrive – Personal Folder Migration Schedule

April 22, 2021

As previously communicated, Information Technology will be migrating all Box online storage accounts to Microsoft OneDrive. Unlimited online storage on OneDrive is available to all Ball State students, faculty, and staff as part of their Ball State Office 365 account.

In order to make this transition as smooth as possible, Information Technology is developing a plan to automatically migrate Box accounts to OneDrive accounts. The next steps in this plan are as follows:

Personal folder migration schedule

  • Beginning in early June, 2021, Information Technology will start the automatic migration of all personal Box folders to OneDrive. Your files and folders in your personal Box account will be copied to your personal OneDrive account here at Ball State. Your original Box files will also remain in your Box account for now, so that you may reconcile any differences, if necessary.

    Because of the large amount of cumulative data in all personal Box accounts at Ball State, this automatic process may take several weeks to complete. While it is in process, you may continue to use your Box account as needed. However,we strongly suggest you do not rename any Box folders until the process is complete. Doing so may cause the automatic migration process to copy the renamed folder again and require additional time to complete the migration. You will be notified when the migration process is complete.

  • If you desire to manually move your personal Box content into your OneDrive account, you may do so at any time before the automatic migration begins in early June. Information Technology has prepared a step-by-step guide to manually moving personal Box folder content to a personal One Drive account.

Do not attempt to manually move an institutional folder. All institutional folders must be moved as part of the migration process in order to preserve their owners, contributors, and file and folder sharing permissions.

To identify whether or not a Box folder is an institutional folder or a personal one, please refer to this Technology HelpDesk Knowledge Base article. If you need help identifying an institutional folder, please contact the Technology HelpDesk at 765-285-1517.

Institutional folder migration schedule

  • Information Technology is proceeding with migrating institutional folders as we previously communicated, working with colleges and administrative areas to migrate their Box content throughout the summer. If your college or administrative area is interested in scheduling your Box institutional folder as soon as possible, please contact the Technology HelpDesk at 765-285-1517.

  • You will be notified as to when your college’s or administrative area’s Box institutional folder migration will take place. This migration can take a few hours to several days, depending on the size of the folder. During that time, you will still be able access your Box folders and files, but we highly encourage you to limit the activity on your Box account (new file creation/sharing, etc.), so the transition is as smooth as possible.

Again, it is very important you do not attempt to manually move an institutional folder from Box into OneDrive. Information Technology will move all institutional folders as they are scheduled.


While Information Technology will do everything possible to ensure a smooth transition, there may be situations where the migration did not go as planned. It’s important to note that your original Box files and folders are not removed immediately after the migration occurs, so you can easily manage any files or folders that were not smoothly migrated during the automatic process.

As we move forward, additional details about the migration plan, along with any deadlines and actions required on your part, will be communicated in advance. For all current information and resources for the migration from Box to OneDrive, please refer to this Information Technology Knowledge Base page, https://bsu.edu/onedrivehelp.

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact the Technology HelpDesk by visiting http://www.bsu.edu/helpdesk to submit a request or by calling 765-285-1517 to speak with a Technology HelpDesk representative.

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