Wednesday Wellness

February 23, 2021

Happy American Heart Month! As February ends, reflect on the greatest risk factors for heart disease we have talked about this month: unhealthy eating patterns, smoking, and diabetes. Think about how these could be impacting you and how you can make a change to lower your risk for heart disease.

This week, we focus on cholesterol. Having high cholesterol is one the biggest risk factors for heart disease. One way to lower your cholesterol is to decrease your saturated fat intake. Foods containing saturated fats include red meats and dairy products. Instead of diary milk try an almond or soy milk alternative! Maybe swap out a ground beef hamburger, for a turkey burger. Explore a variety of healthier substitutes, that you may end up enjoying more.

Complete the American Heart Association My Life Check assessment and know your heart health score. (Use company code HGE001).

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