Was Your Tinnitus Influenced by Covid-19 and/or Vaccination? Researchers Want to Know

March 13, 2023

By completing the 20-minute survey, researchers at the University of Illinois and Ball State University will be able to investigate the prevalence of Covid-related tinnitus and factors that might have affected its severity during the pandemic. The research is conducted under an exemption from the Institutional Review Board at the University of Illinois under protocol No. 23379. Survey results will inform medical care for individuals with tinnitus. 

If you are 18 years old and over, have pre-existing tinnitus, or have/had tinnitus related to Covid infection, long Covid, or Covid vaccination, even if the tinnitus resolved, complete the survey by clicking the following link to participate in the study:

For more information on the survey, please contact Dr. Yihsin Tai at ytai@bsu.edu or tinnitus@illinois.edu

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