Dr. Laura Bassette from the Department of Special Education is seeking participants with disabilities to engage in walks! Sessions will be offered remotely or in-person depending on participant preference. Participants will learn how to increase the number of steps they walk when walking by themselves and with their pet dog (includes service dogs)!

To participate in the study, participants must:
1.      Be between the ages of 12-30 and have a medical/educational diagnosis of a disability.
2.      Own a dog that is leash trained and is able to be walked safely and independently by the participant (includes service dogs).
3.      Reside in an area where they can safely walk for 10 minutes and independently monitor surroundings while walking.
4.      Have the physical/motor capability to increase their walking pace.
5.      Have access to an app (e.g., health app) that tracks the number of steps taken.
6.      Be able to engage in training sessions and navigate the technology while on breaks.

*Remote participants must have a device (e.g., smartphone with headphones/earbuds) and technology (e.g., data plan, hot spot capability) that enables them to participate in the video-conferences with the research team members during their walks.

Participants are eligible to receive $100 for participating. Research team members will monitor walks (i.e., via zoom for the remote sessions or in-person) and the number of steps the participants takes during the walks will be recorded. Sessions will be scheduled weekly based on individual availability and will not be video-taped.

Contact Dr. Laura Bassette at labassette@bsu.edu 765-285-2780.

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