Virtual Poverty Simulation Event

February 23, 2021
College of Health Interprofessional Poverty Simulation (COHIPPS), will be March 11 from 5:30 to 6:45 p.m. Registration deadline is March 10, 2021. Register at

This will be presented in a virtual format via zoom.

The COHIPPS is an interactive shared experience intended to help students understand what it may be like to live in poverty. People living on a fixed income are often faced with difficult choices. It is important for health profession students to understand the treatment and/or compliance regimen of people living with poverty. Students will explore the realities of living with significant financial constraints, limited time, and high stress by role playing as a family challenged by a specific set of conditions. Recognizing that some faculty will encourage students to attend as part of a class assignment or extra-credit activity, we have set up a way to verify student’s participation in the event. Please email Dr. Lori Porter before the event if you would like to have verification of student’s participation in the event as a class assignment or extra-credit activity.

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