Updates to the Research Incentive Account Program

November 21, 2022

Research Incentive Accounts (RIAs) have been established to hold funds for faculty and staff. Sponsored Projects Administration (SPA) is responsible for the curation of these accounts and routinely fields questions about allowable purchases and deposits.

A number of programs on campus utilize the RIA as a vehicle for delivering incentives to employees, including Inclusive Excellence, Immersive Learning, Faculty Learning Communities, and Sponsored Projects.

In fall 2022, two updates were made to the RIA program to assist with streamlining processes.

  1. Request for Exemption – Rollover funds. According to the RIA use policy, RIA funds must be used at least once per year or request in writing for an exemption is required. Those requests can now be made through Microsoft Forms here: https://forms.office.com/r/qdvqfpxHRB
  2. RIA Use Authorization – for programmatic use of RIAs. As mentioned above, many programs utilize RIAs for delivering incentives to employees so they are able to use those funds toward scholarly activity at the University. In order to capture those programs and contacts, those requests can now be made through an RIA Use Authorization request here: https://forms.office.com/r/GAyDj4gs6v

More information can be found about Research Incentive Accounts on our website: https://www.bsu.edu/about/administrativeoffices/sponsored-projects-administration/outreach-and-education/ria

There will be two informational sessions at the end of the Fall Semester, one for administrators and one for faculty. Watch the communication center for those RSVP links!

Questions about the RIA program, please contact Augusta Isley (amwray@bsu.edu, 765-285-5033) in Sponsored Projects Administration.

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