UPDATE: Migration from Box Online Storage to Microsoft OneDrive

July 20, 2021

Information Technology’s Box to Microsoft OneDrive migration is proceeding as planned. We’d like to provide some additional information as the migration progresses and answer a few questions we’ve received about the migration.

Not all of my Box files/folders are in my “From Box” folder in OneDrive. Did something go wrong?

No. It's likely your migration is still in process and not all of your files/folders have been migrated. (In the event any errors occur during the migration, we will be individually addressing those to ensure no data is lost.)

We recommend not using the files in your “From Box” folder until you see all of your Box files/folders there.

Can I use the files and folders in my “From Box” folder in OneDrive?

Yes, once they are all migrated. However, there are some guidelines available for those files and folders to reduce the likelihood of duplicating them in additional migration passes.

When will the migration be complete?

Because we are migrating all accounts at the same time, the migration tools we are using, the number of accounts, and the variable speeds of the data transfer make it impossible to provide a definitive date when the migrations (personal and institutional) will complete. We are tentatively targeting all migrations to be completed by mid-September 2021, but that may change, based on the factors noted above. We will provide further communication when we can be more accurate.

We are planning for at least one additional migration pass to collect any additional files/folders you may have created in Box after the initial migration was started (personal account migration started June 1, institutional folder migration started June 17). 

What if I have additional question/concerns?

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact the Technology HelpDesk by visiting http://www.bsu.edu/helpdesk to submit a request or by calling 765-285-1517 to speak with a Technology HelpDesk representative.

As we move forward, additional details about the migration plan, along with any deadlines and actions required on your part, will be communicated in advance. For all current information and resources for the migration from Box to OneDrive, please refer to this Information Technology Knowledge Base page, https://bsu.edu/onedrivehelp.

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