Upcoming Registration for the 2021 Student Symposium

December 01, 2020

Registration for the 26th Annual Student Symposium at Ball State University opens on January 19th andcloses on February 26th!

The 2021 Student Symposium willbe conducted virtually, opening on April 13th.Sponsored Projects Administration is partnering with the University DigitalScholarships and Collections department to utilize the Omeka platform. This allowsthe projects to be archivable and more readily available to a wider audience!

Markyour calendars as a reminder to register for this unique andeducational event! The Student Symposium is an opportunity for all Ball Statestudents to present their research projects and creative endeavors in either a poster session, an oral/written presentation, or anothershort video entry.

For guidelines and registration information please visit: bsu.edu/studentsymposium

Fornearly twenty-six years, the Student Symposium at Ball State University hasprovided students with the opportunity to present their creative and scholarlyprojects while competing for cash prizes and gaining valuable insight fromfaculty and staff judges from across the University.

TheSymposium encourages interdisciplinary discourse, allowing students to learnfrom each other about engaging topics. The symposium also provides anopportunity for student participants to discuss their work with a broadaudience and is open to any student from Ball State University (undergraduateand graduate), Burris Laboratory School, and the Indiana Academy for Science,Mathematics, and Humanities.

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