Traffic pattern in R11 by West Quad/Heat Plant

January 20, 2022

Please be aware that the traffic flow pattern in the R11 lot by West Quad and the Heat Plant has now been changed.

Anyone travelling westbound on Admin. drive must turn left at the West Quad building and exit the lot out onto University Ave. behind the Heat Plant. There is no longer an available right turn to access the west R11 lot by Christy Woods as that drive is now a one way to exit back to University Ave.

Vehicles using the Heat Plant lot must also exit back onto University Ave. You may not drive eastbound out of the Heat Plant lot to travel northbound to the west R11 Christy Woods lot. Signage and barricades are set up in this area to indicate the restriction.

To access the West R11 Christy Woods lot, you must use Riverside Ave.

Please contact Parking Services at (765) 285-1208 or email with any questions.

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