Summer Course Opportunity - ACE 612 Growth and Development for Coaches

May 18, 2023

Summer Course Opportunity

Most individuals will find themselves in a coaching role at some point in their lives, ACE 612: Growth and Development for Coaches is a valuable course that equips graduate students with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the intricacies of athlete development, ensuring they can excel in coaching roles across various fields and make a positive impact on the growth and success of young athletes.

The School of Kinesiology has a great opportunity for your elective online course needs this summer.

ACE 612 - Growth and Development for Coaches - Study of the physical, social, and emotional development of athletes from youth through adulthood, providing experiences appropriate to the development period. 

ACE 612  Enhance your understanding of athlete development and gain valuable insights into the motor, physical, social, and emotional growth of athletes with ACE 612: Growth and Development for Coaches. This dynamic 10-week online elective course is open to all graduate students at Ball State University, providing a comprehensive study of various developmental stages from youth through adulthood. Whether you're pursuing a degree in education, social work, psychology, sports management, or any other related field, ACE 612 offers a solid foundation in understanding the unique needs and challenges young people face at different ages. With the flexibility of online delivery, you can conveniently access this course and unlock a wealth of knowledge and experiences that are relevant across a wide range of sports and disciplines. Don't miss this opportunity to expand your toolkit and gain a comprehensive understanding of athlete growth and development.

Enroll now in ACE 612 and take your expertise to new heights.

Please contact Dr. Lawrence Judge ( or Jamie Moynihan ( with any questions.


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