Study Participants Needed for Ears, Brain and Heart Study.

September 28, 2021

Who can participate?

Ø  Men and Women 18-40 or 55-70 years of age

Ø  Native speaker of American English

Ø   Blood pressure <160/100mmHg

Ø  Can take anti-hypertensive or lipid lowering medications

Ø  Not taking beta blocker medications

Ø  Nonsmoker

Ø  Free of alcohol and drug dependence

Ø  Women over age 60 must be post-menopausal

Ø  Normal middle ear function

Ø  Normal hearing or symmetrical sensorineural hearing loss in both ears

Ø  No history of head injury, diabetes, stroke, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, heart attack, hearing loss present at birth or current hearing aid use.


What will I do in the study?

v Participate in 2 laboratory visits:

o   Visit 1: Informed consent and Health and Hearing History Questionnaires, International Physical Activity Questionnaire and resting blood pressure, height and weight, diagnostic hearing evaluation and cognitive measures.

o   Visit 2: Resting measures of cardiovascular function, body composition, muscular strength and blood draw.

v Participants will be asked to avoid alcohol and caffeine 24 hours prior to Visit 1.


v Participants will be asked to avoid alcohol, caffeine, and exercise 24 hours and fast 8-10 hours (water only) prior to Visit 2. 


Where does the testing occur?

v Ball State University: Health & Physical Activity Building: Human Performance Laboratory, HP 233 and Health Professions Building, HPB 269


Interested? For more Information: Please contact Dr. Lynn Bielski: or Dr. Brad Fleenor:; (765)-285-1811and mention “Ears, Brain and Heart Study”

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