Study Participants Needed

July 01, 2021

Drs. Laura Bassette and Andy Markelz from the Department of Special Education are seeking parents/guardians with children ages 3-10 to participate in a study focused on increasing tolerance during hairwashing. Child participants must be between the ages of 3-5, have a medical/educational diagnosis of developmental delay/disability, and display sensory sensitivities during traditional hairwashing activities. Parents/guardian participants must be willing to have members of the research team remotely (via Zoom) observe hairwashing activities with their child for a minimum of 3/week. Additionally, the parents/caregivers must have the capability to set up a device/computer/laptop webcam at home and technology (WiFi, a computer/device, camera, microphone, speakers) to participate in the video-conferences during the hairwashing activities. To ensure privacy, webcams will be required to be positioned to only show the child's head during the hairwashing. Parents/guardians are eligible to receive $100 for participating. Sessions will be scheduled weekly based on individual availability and will not be video-taped. 


If interested please contact Emily Pecsi at or Dr. Laura Bassette at 765-285-2780. 

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