Will Arabic, Chinese, or Russian be important in your career?

The U.S. State Department's Critical Language Scholarship program has just launched a new opportunity, CLS Spark, which will provide fully-funded, virtual language training in the following:

  • Chinese (Mandarin), for students who’ve had one year of previous study.
  • Arabic, for students who’ve had no previous study.
  • Russian, for students who’ve had no previous study.

The program begins this fall and entails ~18 hours of language instruction per month for 11 weeks each semester, as well as monthly cultural activities. In addition to funded activities, participants also receive a $300 stipend, along with other perks.

Deadline:  May 26

To learn more, visit clscholarship.org/spark.

The program is open only to undergraduates who are U.S. citizens and who will not have an opportunity to study the chosen language at Ball State.

To apply, call 765-285-1024 to schedule an appointment with Barb Stedman, Director of National and International Scholarships.  The application requires several weeks of time and effort, so call today!

Questions?  Email Dr. Stedman at bstedman@bsu.edu.

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