There is still time to receive your Wellness Incentive this year!

April 21, 2021

Did you know that Ball State is invested in creating a culture of wellbeing that helps you lead a meaningful and engaged life? One way we accomplish this is through our Working Well program and the incentive programs they deliver. Qualifying employees can collect a financial incentive along with wellness vouchers that can be redeemed for on campus programs.

  • The BeWell program provides you cash back in your Dec. paycheck just for completing your annual physical with your primary care doctor and registering for the Engage App.
  • The LiveWell program provides you with Ball State Vouchers for participating in a variety of wellbeing activities.

You are welcome to participate in both the BeWell and LiveWell program every year. You have till October 31, 2021 to submit your documentation. For more detailed information along with accessibility to forms, visit our Working Well Website.

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