Welcome back to campus! Did you get a new phone for the holidays? Don't forget to download and install Duo on your new phone in order to continue to sign in to Ball State applications and services (email, Canvas, etc.).

The easiest way to transfer your information is to install and set up Duo on your new phone before you erase your old phone. This allows you to use Duo on the older phone to set up the new one.

Another method is to set up Duo Restore for your Duo account (again, before you reset your old phone). This Technology Knowledge Base article describes how to use Duo Restore to make your current Duo setup available to any new device.

If you weren't able to use your old phone to set up Duo on your new one, Information Technology provides several other resources for setting up Duo on your new phone, including Technology Knowledge Base articles at https://bsu.edu/twofactorhelp, There’s also a helpful video about setting up Duo. Finally, there are two IT Tech Guides for setting up and using Duo on your Android phone or Apple iPhone.

If you have further questions or need help setting up Duo on a new device, please visit the Technology Helpdesk at https://www.bsu.edu/helpdesk to submit a request or call them at 765-285-1517 to speak with a representative

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