Scott Hall Externship Presentation

November 17, 2021

You’re invited to the first event in the 2021-2022 Teachers College Dean’s Lecture Series, which takes place on Thursday, November 18, from 2-3 p.m., in TC 1008, with Dr. Scott Hall’s Externship Presentation: “What I Learned About Working for a Family Services Agency: My Externship with the Children’s Bureau, Inc.”

Dr. Scott Hall’s externship experience was focused on obtaining a more concrete perspective working for the type of agency where students studying family and child topics might end up employed. He will present details from what he learned from interviews, building tours, and self-guided online investigation. Dr. Hall’s insights will cover how to best prepare for similar employment opportunities, what type of services are offered to struggling families in Indiana, and potential research/community outreach opportunities for faculty.

Dr. Hall teaches courses primarily related to marriage and family relationships and enjoys the opportunity to facilitate learning that can have both professional and personal application. He is motivated to make connections between his scholarship and the local community and is working to build collaborations among faculty and community partners to ultimately benefit struggling families and advance knowledge about effective family engagement.

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