Research Incentive Accounts (RIA) – Brief Informational Sessions

February 08, 2024

Research Incentive Accounts (RIAs) have been established to hold funds for faculty and staff. Sponsored Projects Administration (SPA) is responsible for the curation of these accounts and routinely fields questions about allowable purchases and deposits.

This session may be of interest to you if you are ...

  • an administrator managing department accounts including Research Incentive Accounts,
  • a faculty member with a research incentive account, and/or
  • an employee at the University who is wondering “What is a research incentive account and why would I have one?”

Augusta Isley, SPA Senior Proposal Manager, will be hosting short information sessions for university personnel to discuss the purpose of RIAs, allowable and unallowable purchases, governing policies, and sources of funds. There will be time dedicated to Q&A. Please come with questions!

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