Recruiting Teacher-Scholars!

April 08, 2021

We welcome applications for mentors in the Teacher-Scholar Program.


  • support your research and creative endeavors
  • reach students who may not have had research experience (e.g. First-generation students)

Mentor Eligibility:

  • faculty or staff members engaged in research willing to:
    • commit to working with an undergraduate student for a semester on an on-going research or creative project within your scholarly agenda
  • meet one-on-one, 1 hour a week (student commits to a total of 5 hours a week on the project)
  • collaborate on a project that advances your scholarly agenda with clear expectations and outcomes that are achievable within this time commitment

For more information and to apply, please, contact Sharon Hahn at or visit the website.

If selected, the student researcher receives a $750 stipend and the mentor receives $250 through a Research Incentive Account (RIA).


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