"There are so many languages in the world and not enough time to learn them all. With all of the different choices, why should you study Arabic? At first, Arabic may seem like a bold choice to learn, especially since it is vastly different that the languages you may already know, but the language may surprise you. Here are five reasons why you should study Arabic:

1. Arabic is one of the world’s most popular languages.

It is estimated that 420 million people across the globe speak Arabic, making this the sixth most spoken language in the world. There are millions of Arabic speakers who do not live in Arab nations, including countries like France, Spain, Germany, and the United States. Arabic is such a widely spoken language that it is one of the six official languages of the United Nations!

2. There are many job opportunities for those who speak Arabic.

Students studying abroad in Morocco immerse themselves in the culture and develop their language and communication skills. Photo credit: Dr. Bidaoui

With its high popularity, Arabic is considered a critical language. Learning Arabic allows you to work in any country in the world. Many jobs in the United States require knowledge of Arabic, including lucrative jobs working for the United States government or with the military.

3. Stand out from the crowd.

Not many Westerners learn an Arab language. By studying Arabic you are qualified for many unique opportunities. From teaching English as a second language in Arab countries to scholarships, learning Arabic can open many doors for your future.

4. See the world from multiple perspectives.

Learning about different cultures fosters critical thinking. Having an understanding of cultures outside the United States will help you navigate the modern world. Arabic culture is rich, unique, and is become more prominent globally, making it a great starting culture to study.

5. Travel to many exciting places.

Arabic is an official language of 25 different countries and is spoken in many more. Learning Arabic will allow you to travel the world. Ball State offers a study abroad opportunity to Morocco, the most visited country in Africa, each summer. Located on both the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, this study abroad trip offers many unique experiences and will immerse you into the Arabic culture and language.

Want to learn more about the Arabic language and its culture? The Department of Modern Languages and Classics offers several Arabic classes, from Beginning Arabic to Ethnic, Cultural, and Linguistic Diversity in the Arab World. Look in the Ball State Course Catalog today to find the right Arabic classes for you!"

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