Panopto is now available for you to use in Canvas! You can use Panopto in three places in your Canvas courses: 

  • Access Panopto in the Course Navigation: To enable Panopto in your course navigation, click Settings > Navigation. Scroll to the bottom to locate “Panopto Videos,” click the three dots, and select Enable. Click Save, and Panopto Videos will now appear in your course navigation for you and your students. 
    The Course Navigation is a great way to use Panopto if you include many videos in your course and want both you and your students to have access to those videos all in one place. 
  • Embed a Video in Canvas Editor: To embed a Panopto video in the Canvas editor, click Tools menu > Apps > View All. Select Panopto Videos from the list. You can then choose an existing Panopto video, upload a new video, or record a new video. 
  • Add a Video to a Module: To add a Panopto video in a Module, click + to add a new item to a Module, then select the “External Tool” option from the dropdown. Select Panopto Videos, then choose an existing video, upload a new video, or record a new video.

The first time you access Panopto through any of the above methods, you will automatically create a new Panopto account tied to your Ball State email address. You will also automatically create a folder in your account for your Canvas course. If you then access Panopto in a different Canvas course, you will automatically create a new folder for that course. 

For more information about Panopto in Canvas, review Panopto’s support article, "How to Use Panopto with Canvas for Instructors."

As a reminder, both Mediasite and Panopto will be available from now through the end of Fall 2024. Between Fall 2024 and Spring 2025, all your Canvas links to Mediasite videos will be automatically updated to Panopto links. Beginning Spring 2025, only Panopto will be available for you to use. 

You may sign up for updates about Panopto, and we will email you with any news. 

For questions about the Panopto rollout, please contact the Division of Online and Strategic Learning,, 765-285-1763. 

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