NSF Mid-Career Advancement funding opportunity

June 21, 2022

“The National Science Foundation Mid-Career Advancement program (NSF MCA) offers an opportunity for scientists at the mid-career stage (see restrictions under Additional Eligibility Information). Mid-career faculty are at a critical career transition stage where they need to advance their research programs to ensure long-term productivity and creativity but are often constrained by service, teaching, or other activities that can limit the amount of time devoted to research. MCA support is expected to help lift these constraints to reduce workload inequities and enable a more diverse scientific workforce (more women, persons with disabilities, and individuals from groups that have been underrepresented) at high academic ranks. 

The following NSF Directorates participate in the MCA program: Biological Sciences; Geosciences; Social, Behavioral & Economic Sciences; Education & Human Resources; and Technology, Innovation & Partnerships.  

The MCA program provides protected time, resources, and the means to gain new skills through synergistic and mutually beneficial partnerships, typically at an institution other than the candidate's home institution. Research projects that envision new insights on existing problems or identify new problems made accessible with cutting-edge methodology or expertise from other fields are encouraged. 

A key component of a successful MCA will be the demonstration that the PI's current research program could substantively benefit from the protected time, mentored partnership(s), and resources provided through this program, such that there is a substantial enhancement to the PI's research and career trajectory, enabling scientific and academic advancement not likely without this support.” 
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Contact your Sponsored Projects Administration Proposal Manager with questions or to apply for this opportunity.  

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