NEW Summer course offerings about COVID-19 available now

April 24, 2020

You can sign up now for remote summer classes examining the impact of COVID-19 from various perspectives, including crisis management, the humanities, societal debate, and the arts.

CFA 101: COVID-19 and the Arts: Comfort, Hope, and Pandemics
Pandemics impact all of us, even if we do not all get sick, this course explores how visual and performing artists respond to widespread illness, including perspectives of suffering, consolation, optimism, and courage. This course can count as a Tier 1 course, if you seek an exception with your advisor.

Taught by College of Fine Arts Dean Seth Beckman, this course runs from June 15 - July 17.

PHIL 299X: COVID-19 From the Perspective of the Humanities
This course examines the global response to the Covid-19 pandemic through history, philosophy, and literature. You will learn how epidemics and plagues have shaped modern society; evaluate legal justifications for the division between essential and non-essential services; examine the extent to which knowledge and policy depend on trust in expertise; and study how and why the pandemic has disproportionately affected the poor, the homeless, and racial minorities. This course may count as a Tier 1 course, if you seek an exception with your advisor.

Taught by Dr. Kevin Harrelson, this course runs from June 15 - July 17.

HONR 189: Global Studies and the Coronavirus: Seeing State and Society in a Time of Crisis
By learning to “see the state” in your daily life and name frame the debates about its role, you will come away from this course better equipped to interpret and analyze current events, assess the credibility of sources, and serve as resilient, informed resources in your communities as you respond to the global pandemic and its fallout.

Taught by Dr. Jackson Bartlett, this course runs from June 15 - July 17. This course is only open to Honors College students.

TCOM 408
This course addresses issues such as news coverage of the pandemic, data privacy in a country where people demand to know who and where infected people are located, and effects of a nationwide stay-at-home policy on numerous aspects of the media industry.

Taught by Dr. Michael Gerhard, this course runs from May 11 – June 14. This course is only available to telecommunication majors. Check with your advisor to see if you meet the requirements for this course.

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