New Adobe EDU Summit - The Future of Entertainment & Events on April 28, 2021

April 20, 2021

Adobe has announced a new EDU Summit, The Future of Entertainment & Events on April 28, 2021. This is a highly curated series of 30 minute virtual events with the California State University Entertainment Alliance (CSUEA), featuring:

  • Ryan Morrison, the co-writer/editor of Netflix’s Stowaway
  • Brian Maffit, the Tech Director of Late Night Cartoons
  • Marti Romances, the Creative Director/Co-founder of Territory Studio
  • Margo Nack, an Adobe leader of Pro Video Cloud Workflows

And many more sessions on audio production, post-pandemic career paths, virtual event production, the entertainment business, and remote workflows.

As an attendee, you will hear directly from industry experts who will share their work, best practices, vision for a more innovative future, and what you need to know to remain at the forefront of the entertainment and event industries. You will also have the opportunity to network with industry and peers, explore company cultures, and discover new career possibilities!

Register today!

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