Multicultural Center Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Workshop

February 09, 2024

As part of Ball State University’s mission and enduring values, the Multicultural Center institutes the Multicultural Leadership Workshop to further students’ awareness and readiness to contribute to our diverse society. In all fields, cultural competency is vital. This workshop introduces topics such as diverse groups, inclusive practices, and ways to work toward equity.

The Multicultural Leadership Workshop program is open to all current Ball State students, both undergraduate and graduate. There are no prerequisites to register for this workshop. This workshop is a noncredit program offered at no cost to students.


  • Build a competitive resume for future employers or admissions officers
  • Demonstrate a commitment to the university’s mission
  • Receive an endorsement backed by the Multicultural Center of Ball State University
  • Endorsement via LinkedIn
  • Network with other student and staff leaders

Learning Outcomes

  • Foster inclusive and accessible leadership skills
  • Curate an inviting environment for cultural development/dialogue
  • Acknowledge level of understanding and areas of growth
  • Collaborate with fellow participants for cross cultural experience
  • Gain and develop cultural competency
  • Understand real world applications to utilize and advocate for community change
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