Mental Health Awareness Month

May 06, 2021

For Mental Health Week and Mental Health Awareness Month this May, we would like to bring recognition to this important aspect of total wellbeing offered by LifeWorks.

2021 Wellbeing Calendar – May Webinar Topics

  • 5/7/2021 (2pm EST) Self Care  
    This class is an overview of why self-care is so important for your health and immune system during this time of virus spread. It will also include health tips for reducing your risk of contracting COVID-19. 
  • 5/21/2021 (2pm EST) COVID-19: Moving Forward
    We all know that life will never be quite the same after the COVID19 pandemic. When will it be over? How will things be different? How will we adapt to the new world without becoming overwhelmed? In this course, we will uses lessons we’ve learned from past crises (such as 9/11) to prepare for the post-pandemic world.
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