Lifeworks Can Help!

December 01, 2020
LifeWorks is a confidential employee assistance program (EAP) and an exciting and innovative well-being solution that we will all love to use. LifeWorks is available 24/7 to help you:
  • Connect to Wellbeing news and updates Recognize the contributions of your colleagues
  • Access a wealth of online resources and information to support your mental, physical, social, and financial well-being
  • Get expert guidance from professional advisors, any time, about any issue, either work-related or in your personal life
  • Speak with a counselor if you have a problem that’s bigger than you, or connect with other specialists including financial and legal professionals
  • Make your money go further with exclusive offers and discounts
Click Here to access Lifeworks.
Lifeworks is a single sign on (SSO) so please use your Ball State user name and pass word.

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