Journey to Freedom: The Legacy of the Underground Railroad

November 15, 2022

Journey to Freedom: The Legacy of the Underground Railroad

A Virginia B. Ball Center for Creative Inquiry Spring 2023 Seminar

Project Description: 
The Underground Railroad functioned as a powerful act of resistance against racial oppression. As such, it has a rich historical, political and rhetorical legacy that continues to captivate the public. In this 15 cr. hr. seminar, you will work with a team of students to craft interactive exhibits that document and explore this legacy and its contemporary implications.

Student Talent Needed: 
This project needs a diverse group of talented, enthusiastic, and self-directed students who have a passion for history, social justice and skill in: 

• Archival Research 
• Interviewing 
• Copy Writing & Script Writing 
• Critical Analysis 
• Graphic Design 
• Videography 
• Event Planning 
• Presentational Communication 
• Promotions 
• Construction

Project Highlights/Activities: 
• Learn about the Underground Railroad via fieldtrips, visits with experts, and readings 
• Research and explore traces of the Underground Railroad 
• Critically examine Underground Railroad discourse (e.g., oral histories & auto/biographies, abolitionist sermons, federal legislation, newspaper articles and editorials, posters and political tracts) 
• Explore the relationship between the resistance to oppression represented by the Underground Railroad and contemporary efforts to combat modern versions of slavery 
• Design and create interactive exhibits 
• Produce performance materials 
• Plan and promote a public showcase 
• Share your experiences at regional conferences

Interested in Applying? 
Contact Dr. Beth A. Messner (Assoc. Professor, Dept. of Communication Studies) at to receive an application and schedule an interview. Only 10-15 spaces available.

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