Join online and strategic learning as we identify opportunities to improve usability and accessibility in your Canvas course(s).

Webinar: Make Your Canvas Course Accessible
1:00 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 12
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The National Federation of the Blind defines digital accessibility as “the practice of designing electronic material so that it is usable by all people, including people with disabilities. It allows for information to be available visually, aurally, and tactilely.”

Ball State University is committed to digital accessibility. Planning for accessibility in your Canvas course is not only the right thing to do; applying accessibility best practices also meet requirements laid out by federal and state laws. Knowing where to begin can be challenging. This one-hour Webinar and accompanying Canvas resource site will help you get started.

In this one-hour webinar and corresponding Canvas resource course, you will:
  • Recognize the Rich Content Editor features that improve readability
  • Recall techniques to author accessible Canvas content, including text-alternatives, text, links, and other page elements
  • Identify opportunities to improve usability and accessibility of links in Canvas pages and modules
  • Locate the Accessibility Checker in the Canvas Rich Content Editor
  • Curate resources to improve accessibility in documents not created in Canvas
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