Dear Colleagues,

I am writing to clarify what can jeopardize your ability to have expenses reimbursed for international travel. Bottom line:  travel conducted without prior approval is ineligible for reimbursement. Therefore, be careful to follow these steps to have international travel approved prior to departure.

Step 1 – Determine whether the travel falls under the International Travel Policy

  • If the answer is “yes” to any of the following, the policy applies:
    • I am personally paying for travel to an international conference, performance, research site, or any activity related to my BSU role
    • I am giving a presentation at an international venue and the organizer is covering expenses
    • travel is funded by BSU
    • travel is funded by a grant
    • travel includes vacation before and/or after the BSU-related travel
    • travel is on a Fulbright (or other fellowship) or for other special assigned leave
    • travel is during the summer (when faculty are not under contract) and is BSU-related
    • for any other category in the International Travel Policy

Step 2

Register 45 days prior to departure in Terra Dotta.

Of note: Travel registered less than 45 days prior to departure to US Department of State Travel Advisory Level 3 regions will not be reviewed (is therefore not reimbursable)

Step 3

24 hours prior to departure, if your travel had been approved, verify the Travel Advisory Level has not elevated above the approved level for travel. 

If it has, and you travel anyway, expenses are not eligible for reimbursement.

Please, reach out with questions to me or to:            

My best to you,

Susan McDowell, Ph.D.
Vice Provost for Research
Professor of Biology
Phone: 765-285-8846


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