Dear Colleagues,

We have been fielding a number of questions regarding international travel. Below is guidance during the current suspension and for when the suspension is lifted:

  1. Currently, all BSU-related international travel is suspended regardless of whether travel is paid for by an employee or by a sponsor and not by BSU 
  2. Please, check the BSU COVID site for the most up-to-date information regarding the suspension. The guidance below remains in place after the suspension is lifted.
  3. To discern what types of international travel fall under the university policy, a useful guideline is the question: 

“Would I be invited to participate in this international work/program if I were not a BSU faculty member or staff member?” 

      • If the answer is no, then the International Travel Policy applies
      • If you are required to list an institution on the application, if it is your standing as a faculty member or staff member that is providing the credibility for participation, then the work falls under the BSU policy 

Ball State University policies and procedures for international travel include: 

  • travel not funded by BSU, even if it is personally funded or funded by a sponsor, if the travel includes work related to employment, including research
  • travel that includes vacation before and/or after undertaking work related to employment, including research
  • travel on a Fulbright (or other fellowship) or sabbatical
  • travel to serve in a role related to employment, even if unpaid
  • travel during the summer when faculty are not under contract if travel includes work related to employment 
  • all categories of travel indicated in the International Travel Policy

When the suspension is lifted at some future date, travelers are to return to following BSU international travel policies and procedures, including registration in Terra Dotta, for all of the above categories. These are the same categories that were in place pre-pandemic.

An employee can request an exception from the President, but exceptions will only be granted in rare circumstances. Please, contact me for details on how to submit such a request.

I welcome addressing your questions and concerns as we continue to work with you in the pursuit of your important work within the international arena.

My best to you,


Susan McDowell, Ph.D.
Vice Provost for Research
Professor of Biology
Phone: 765-285-8846


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