Innovative Changes Announced at College of Communication, Information, and Media

October 04, 2021

The College of Communication, Information, and Media (CCIM) has announced a series of exciting changes inspired by the college’s quest for innovation.

Among several changes unveiled were:

  • New names for CCIM’s Journalism and Telecommunications departments. Journalism is now the School of Journalism and Strategic Communication. Telecommunications is now the Department of Media.
  • The addition of Computer & Information Technology into the Center for Information and Communication Sciences. This partnership will add a graduate and undergraduate component expanding student options for professional success in high-demand technology areas.
  • Welcoming Ball State Public Media into CCIM. Our students and faculty have always collaborated with IPR and WIPB, and now we will be able to expand those opportunities—while supplying the informational, entertainment, and storytelling needs for our entire community.

These changes resulted from months of surveying prospective and current students, alumni, faculty, and employers in the media industry.

Please watch this video highlighting all the exciting changes coming to CCIM: Passion, Purpose and Progress.

Be sure to read CCIM’s press release for more information on these changes, or visit the CCIM website, call 765-285-6000, or email

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