The Honors College Lecture Series welcomes students and faculty to come together and explore a current topic of interest to the Honors College community.  The Series continues its monthly in-person format with " Da Vinci and Q: A conspiracy", a presentation and discussion led by Robin Blom, Ball Brothers Foundation Honors College Faculty Fellow and Associate Professor of Journalism.  This presentation will take you on a Da Vinci Code adventure while revisiting old and new prophecies and conspiracies:  Will John F. Kennedy Jr. become Donald Trump’s running mate in 2024—a quarter century after his fatal plane crash? Who "stole" the vote? Who abducted Flight MH370? Are Tupac and Biggie still alive? Is the “real” Paul McCartney dead? Is anyone taking #PizzaGate seriously these days?  We will explore how the human desire for riddles and mystery resulted in a violent insurrection and will continue to influence the political climate for many years to come. We also examine conspiracy theories that turned out to be true and how those examples may influence conspiracism in the future. Monday, December 6, 3pm, in the Ball Honors House, Room 117.  All persons within the Ball State University community are welcome to attend and participate.

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