Honoring our Colleagues for their Longtime Service: Faculty and Professional Personnel

April 18, 2023

Ball State would like to thank and recognize many longtime faculty and professional personnel for their talent and their dedication to our University. They continue to support Ball State’s mission, through celebratory and challenging times. A reception was held for the honorees on April 12.

Here are the 2023 faculty and professional personnel Years of Service honorees:

15 Years of Service

  •      Christopher Baas, Landscape Architecture
  •      Andy Beane, School of Art
  •      Lindsey Blom, School of Kinesiology
  •      Abigail Comber, Burris Laboratory School
  •      Brenda Davis, BSU Foundation
  •      Ashley Donnelly, Media
  •      Michael Donnelly, English
  •      Dagney Faulk, Center for Business and Economic Research
  •      Chanda Fouseridge, Office of the Provost
  •      Will Frayer, Office of General Counsel
  •      Brad Gideon, Political Science
  •      Joseph Goebel, Finance and Insurance
  •      Fang Gong, Sociology
  •      Stacey Grosh, Marketing and Communications
  •      Kevin Harrelson, Philosophy and Religious Studies
  •      Katharine Herbert, Academic Advising
  •      Leo Huisman, English
  •      Ruth Jefferson, Special Education
  •      Ryan Koenker, Facilities Planning and Management
  •      Matt Kovach, Housing and Residence Life
  •      Ed Krzemienski, History
  •      Tari Lambert, Office of the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
  •      Joseph Marchal, Philosophy and Religious Studies
  •      Penny Masters, Employee Benefits
  •      Rob Mathews, Entrepreneurial Leadership Institute
  •      Tom McConnell, Biology
  •      Victoria Meldrum, Center for Business and Economic Research
  •      Jinhee Nam, Applied Business Studies
  •      Tiffany Peters, Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs
  •      Richard Petts, Sociology
  •      Jason Powell, Honors College
  •      Stephanie Roof, Sponsored Projects Administration
  •      Kelley Rose, Dining
  •      Serena Shim, Educational Psychology
  •     Jim Shimkus, University Libraries
  •     Suzy Smith, Media
  •     Tyler Smith, Theatre and Dance
  •      Audra Sokol, Theatre and Dance
  •     Charles Taylor, Political Science
  •     C. Drew Vidal, Theatre and Dance
  •     Brandon Waite, Political Science
  •     Mihoko Watanabe, School of Music
  •     Gail Werner, Office of the President
  •     Stephanie Wiechmann, Indiana Public Radio
  •     Sarah Williams, Academic Advising
  •     Rhonda Wilson, Engagement, Wellbeing and Culture
  •     Neil Zehr, R. Wayne Estopinal College of Architecture and Planning Dean's Office
  •     Christie Zimmerman, College of Fine Arts Dean's Office


20 Years of Service

  •        Jennifer  Blackmer, Virginia B. Ball Center for Creative Inquiry; Theatre and Dance
  •        Antonio  Cancio, Physics and Astronomy
  •        Andrew  Davis, Educational Psychology
  •        W. Holmes Finch Jr., Educational Psychology
  •        Jason Fragomeni, Marketing and Communications
  •        Michelle Glowacki-Dudka, Educational Studies
  •        Timothy Gray, Architecture
  •        Mark Groover, Anthropology
  •        Scott Hall, Early Childhood, Youth, and Family Studies
  •        Charles Haynes, Undergraduate Admissions
  •        Feng Jin, Physics and Astronomy
  •        James Johnson, School of Kinesiology
  •        Dan Jones, Division of Online and Strategic Learning
  •        Karen Kessler, Theatre and Dance
  •        Kenneth McCoy, Educational Psychology
  •        John McKillip, Biology
  •        Jackie Grutsch McKinney, Office of Immersive Learning
  •        Todd McKinney, English
  •        Chadwick Menning, Sociology
  •        Deborah Mix, English
  •        Gary Moore, Unified Technology Support
  •        Jonathan Morgan, Ball State Public Media
  •        Tom Roberts, Internal Audit and Advisory Services
  •        Robert Sammelson, Chemistry
  •        Lauren Shaffer, Speech Pathology and Audiology
  •        Stacey Shears, Office of the Provost
  •        Melissa Sorrell, Unified Technology Support
  •        Tim Sprowl, University Libraries
  •        Dorothy Stegman, Modern Languages and Classics
  •        Ellen Thorington, Modern Languages and Classics
  •        Melanie Turner, Academic Advising
  •        Sergei Zhuk, History
  •        Petra Zimmermann, Geography and Meteorology
  •        Eva Zygmunt, Early Childhood, Youth, and Family Studies


25 Years of Service

  •        Mike Fleck, Men's Golf
  •        Jeffrey Fry, Philosophy and Religious Studies
  •        James Hammons, University Libraries
  •        David Hua, Center for Information and Communication Sciences
  •        Kamal Islam, Biology
  •        Dottie Kreps, Ball State Public Media
  •        Theresa  Kruczek, Educational Psychology
  •        Sarah Lee, Sponsored Projects Administration
  •        John Lorch, Mathematical Sciences
  •        Kecia, McBride, Office of the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
  •        Jungun Moon, Information Technology Services
  •        Angela Nickoli, Miller College of Business Office of Undergraduate Programs
  •        James Olesen, Biology
  •        Chin-Sook Pak, Modern Languages and Classics
  •        Kristin Perrone, Counseling Psychology, Social Psychology, and Counseling
  •        Angie Rapp, Ball State Public Media
  •        Jason Reynolds, University Catering
  •        Peggy Rice, Elementary Education
  •        Jonathan Spodek, Architecture
  •        Michael  Twigg, University Libraries
  •        Darrell Ward, Unified Technology Support
  •        Stephanie Wilson, Center for Information and Communication Sciences


30 Years of Service

  •        Steve Avila, Finance and Insurance
  •        Jayne Beilke, Educational Studies
  •        Ted Buck, Marketing and Communications
  •        Robert Fultz, Digital Corps
  •        Martha Hunt, Landscape Architecture
  •        Yong Joe, Physics and Astronomy
  •        Michael  Karls, Mathematical Sciences
  •        Tim Parsons, Unified Technology Support
  •        Mike Planton, Facilities Planning and Management
  •        Keith Sweger, School of Music
  •        Jon Weiss, Information Technology Services
  •        Maria Williams-Hawkins, Media


35 Years of Service

  •        Michael  Dalton, University Media Services
  •        Brad Faust, University Libraries
  •        David Ferguson, R. Wayne Estopinal College of Architecture and Planning Dean's Office
  •        Karen Fisher, University Media Services
  •        Debra Goens, International Programs
  •        Kibujjo Kalumba, Philosophy and Religious Studies
  •        Brian Kelley, Unified Technology Support
  •        Jim Lowe, Facilities Planning and Management
  •        Jeff McCoy, Counseling and Health Services
  •        Beth Messner, Communication Studies
  •        Todd Phelps, Information Technology Services
  •        Sharon Roberts, University Libraries



40 Years of Service

  •        Shaheen Borna, Marketing
  •        Richard Fluegeman Jr., Environment, Geology, and Natural Resources
  •        Lawrence Gerstein, Counseling Psychology, Social Psychology, and Counseling
  •        Linda Siktberg, School of Nursing


45 Years of Service

  •       Wes Gehring, Media
  •       Kenneth Preston, School of Art


55 Years of Service

  •      Thomas Harris, Information Systems and Operations Management
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