Honoring Our Colleagues for Their Longtime Service and Retirement

May 05, 2023

Ball State would like to recognize many longtime faculty, professional, staff, and service personnel who have retired this past academic year. The University would like to thank these employees for their talent, dedication, and continued support for Ball State’s mission, through celebratory and challenging times. We wish them the best in their future endeavors.
Nannette Bell, Noyer Halls, 35 years
Melody Blair, Admissions Operations and Technology, 30 years
Sue Bonneau, Ball State University Foundation, 35 years
Michelle Bosh, Political Science, 19 years
Delaina Boyd, Office of Community Engagement, 32 years
Tony Brandon, Ball State University Dining, 16 years
Ralph Bremigan, Mathematical Sciences, 31 years
Carolyn Brown, Park Hall, 40 years
Diane Calvin, University Libraries, 36 years
Sharon Campbell, Noyer Dining, 21 years
Beth Clayman, Woodworth Dining, 25 years
Julie Combs, Payroll and Employee Benefits, 17 years
Jerry Conner, Facilities Planning and Management, 24 years
John Connor, Student Legal Services, 25 years
Lesa Cox, North Residence Hall, 16 years
Diana Crouse, Facilities Planning and Management, 18 years
Lucille Davis, North Dining, 23 years
Denise Eller, North Dining, 23 years
John Emert, Honors College, 33 years
Edna Fagin, Woodworth Halls, 23 years
Stephen Faulkner, Facilities Planning and Management, 41 years
Karen Ford, Educational Studies, 30 years
Gene Frankland, Political Science, 50 years
Robert Fultz, Digital Corps, 30 years
Kelly Gammon, Unified Technology Support, 15 years
Lori Georgi, Public Broadcasting, 31 years
Wayne Grile, Unified Technology Support, 24 years
Danny Gunter, Ball State University Dining, 27 years
Brenda Yates Habich, University Libraries, 19 years
Teresa Hahn, Facilities Planning and Management, 31 years
Robin Hatton, Noyer Dining, 23 years
Troy Hershman, Athletics, 15 years
Bradley Hostetler, Admissions, 26 years
Manzoor Javed, Sponsored Projects Administration, 21 years
Michelle Keihn, Facilities Planning and Management, 21 years
Marie Kelly-Worden, Biology, 19 years
Carol Kosisko, Ball State University Foundation, 35 years
Stephanie Lantz, College of Sciences and Humanities Dean’s Office, 25 years
Gary Lee, Information Technology, 34 years
Karin Lee, Athletics, 15 years
Jeffrey Lodde, Housing and Residence Life, 36 years
Ellen Lucas, Counseling Center, 32 years
Linda Martin, Elementary Education, 29 years
Philip Mattingly, Facilities Operations, 31 years
Sue McDowell, Vice Provost for Research, 19 years
Ricky Monroe, Anthony Apartments, 20 years
Serena Nancarrow, School of Art, 34 years
Paul Neubauer, Information Technology, 33 years
Violet Newman, Noyer Dining, 21 years
Eleanor Palmer, Housing and Residence Life, 42 years
James Patterson, Indiana Academy for Science, Mathematics, and Humanities, 22 years
Lisa Pellerin, Sociology, 19 years
Fran Percy, North Dining, 20 years
Kimberli Pike, Nutrition and Health Science, 18 years
Michael Poe, Facilities Operations, 30 years
Brenda Rathel, Teachers College Dean’s Office, 32 years
James Reidy, University Media Services, 32 years
Jerri Reynolds, North Residence Hall, 18 years
Kenneth Rhonemus, Sports Facilities Management, 33 years
Suzanne Rice, University Libraries, 31 years
Michael Ridgway, Facilities Operations, 32 years
James Rohrer, Psychological Science, 23 years
Stanley Ross, Facilities Planning and Management, 15 years
Tania Said, Ball State University Foundation, 17 years
Brenda Sarah, Student Financial Services, 37 years
Richard Seymour, Educational Studies, 41 years
Lynn Shipley, Teachers College Dean’s Office, 20 years
Katie Slabaugh, Student Affairs, 21 years
Richard Stankewitz, Mathematical Sciences, 21 years
Daniel Stephenson, Facilities Planning and Management, 39 years
Charles Stine, Housing and Residence Life, 16 years
Sheryl Stump, Mathematical Sciences, 27 years
Scott Truex, Urban Planning, 36 years
Frances Tucker, Unified Technology Support, 33 years
Steven Turpin, Indiana Public Radio, 34 years
Jan Vance, University Libraries, 40 years
Michele Walsh, University Libraries, 26 years
Jean Wheat, Facilities Operations, 29 years
James Whiteman, Emens Auditorium, 22 years
Debra Worster, Printing Services, 19 years
Diana Zimmerman, Kinghorn Hall, 22 years
In Memoriam:
Rathin Rathinasamy, Finance and Insurance, 31 years
Brenda Smith, Enrollment Planning and Management, 24 years
Eugene Smith, University Media Services, 17 years
Dennis Swartz, Student Financial Services, 30 years
These individuals declared their intent to retire between February 1, 2022 and January 31, 2023.

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