French Toast Casserole, Maple Bacon Pancake Dippers, Chicken Curry, Blueberry Soup, Indian Egg Bhurji Sandwich serving in Allegre AT 104 week of February 26, 2024

February 23, 2024

The Allègre restaurant is student-run and operated through the Hospitality and Innovation Leadership program and Applied Business Studies department within the Miller College of Business. Located inside the south entrance of the Applied Technology Building on Ball State’s campus, we serve lunch, dinner and private dining to the Ball State community as well as campus visitors and guests

Online Orders Here - accepted until 12:00 noon on the day of service


Monday February 26, 2024 Lunch

Breakfast service and Bollywood Fete


Maple Bacon Pancake Dippers    or     Chicken Curry 


Strawberry Avocado Pecan Saklad     or     Chickpea salad


 Blueberry Soup     or     Sweet Corn Soup


Breakfast Pita     or     Indian Egg Bhurji Sandwich


French Toast Casserole    or    Rice Pudding


Wednesday February 28, 2024 Lunch
“European Fare” and the “Food that Awards Shows are made of”

The students are finalizing their menus for Wednesday February 28, 2024.  These menus will be posted. Here


Hospitality Innovation & Leadership 

Applied Business Studies Department

Miller College of Business


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