You’re invited to a presentation and a hands-on experience at the Marilyn K. Glick Center for Glass, which takes place on Monday, November 22, from 9-10 a.m., beginning with Brent Cole’s Externship Presentation: “Parallels between a working team of glass artist and new corporate structures: My Externship with Endress + Hauser.”

Opportunities for artists exist outside of the realm of gallery walls and studios.  They can be found in a wide range of jobs that take advantage of artists’ creative thinking skills.  It can be difficult for art students to realize their creativity is a transferable skill in the job market. Cole’s externship experience was focused on bridging a perception gap between industry and the career path of fine art students. With a large societal emphasis on STEM, the arts have had to stake out a claim as having continued societal relevance. Cole will present details from what he learned from his externship by attending area meetings, working with project managers and material scientists, building tours, and self-guided online investigations. Cole’s insights will cover internships and employment opportunities for art students outside of the traditional avenues that are traditionally explored. This presentation will be followed by a hands-on demonstration in the glass studio. Please wear natural fiber clothing and street sensible shoes.

Brent Cole is the Director of the Glick Center for Glass part of Ball State’s School of Art. He teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in glass, sculpture, and foundational design. In partnership with Minnetrista Cultural Center, he has implemented community glass courses that have helped to bridge the link between East Central Indiana’s glass manufacturing heritage and the artistic and design practices that is the focus of the Marilyn K. Glick Center for Glass.

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