Educational Technology Courses Available for the Fall 2021

July 08, 2021

Fall semester is right around the corner. Expand your potential and become more marketable by adding Educational Technology courses and programs to your course of study!!!

Over the last year area schools have increased their expectations that new teachers will be able to integrate technology throughout their instructional practices. This is more than just knowing how to use technology; it requires teachers to think critically about when and how best to utilize technology to support student learning. 

Being able to integrate technology in meaningful ways will set you apart from others seeking teaching positions today! It allows for creative engagement within a variety of content areas and creates unique ways for K12 students to demonstrate mastery of knowledge. It also demonstrates to potential employers that you are entering the classroom prepared to work with students no matter the mode of instruction. 

The Educational Technology Program is offering two outstanding courses for undergraduate students in the coming Fall 2021 semester!!! 

Two awesome on campus courses will spice up your fall schedule! EDTE 350, and EDTE 365, offer fun and creative opportunities for students to learn about technology, its integration within your instructional practice, and how it is changing schools.

Educational Technology Minor

We encouraged you to learn about how technology is affecting the instructional contexts of schools by getting involved with the Educational Technology Program!

You may want to consider adding the minor in Educational Technology to your program of study. The minor in educational technology can easily be added to your program of study, and demonstrate to employers that you are ready to enter the classroom prepared to use technology with your students. 

EdTec 350: Curriculum Integration of Technology

Course Registration #: 12654

Class Meets: Tuesday & Thursday 2:00 – 3:15

Whether you will teach kindergarten or seniors in high school, schools expect teachers to help students learn through effective technology integration. Examine how to integrate technology and design instructional lessons for online and face-to-face instruction. EdTec 350 prepares you to be an instructional leader with technology within the contexts where you will teach. Students will develop lessons for both face to face and remote instructional contexts. 

EDTE 365: Digital & Visual Literacy

Course Reference #: 19938

Class Meets: Tuesday & Thursday 11:00-12:15

More and more web-based technologies are allowing us to connect and express ourselves in different and unique ways!  EdTec 365 will focus on how teachers, students, and schools can harness different web-based technologies for learning, collaboration, engagement, and teaching.

Please contact Dr. Jon Clausen for additional information about the EdTec Programs, Courses, and Immersive learning opportunities! 

Jon Clausen, Ph.D.
Twitter: @asknquestions

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