Information Security Services would like to make you aware that Duo, the iOS and Android app Ball State uses for two-factor authentication, has recently released a new version with several updates, including a slightly different look and feel. However, the functionality remains the same for acknowledging a request for two-factor authentication in the app.

As a reminder, we have two methods of two-factor authentication available to all students, faculty, and staff.

Using a Mobile Device

You can download and install Duo to your mobile phone or tablet from your device’s app store. The app allows you to have push notifications sent to your mobile device, or you can open the app and get a passcode to use. For more information, please see these Technology Knowledge Base articles (updated to reflect the new Duo interface):

Using a Security Token

If you cannot or would prefer not to use a mobile device, you can also contact the HelpDesk to pick up a security token which you can use for two-factor authentication instead of your mobile device. 

If you have questions or need help with two-factor authentication or the Duo app, please contact the Technology HelpDesk by submitting a request at, or call them at 765-285-1517. 

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