We are looking for people who:
·      Are at least 18 yrs old
·      Exercise one time per week or less
·      Have an interest in starting an exercise routine
·      Do not have diabetes or cardiovascular disease
Volunteers will be asked to participate in the following:
·      Basic measurements of height, weight, and body composition
·      Measures of blood pressure, heart rate and rhythm by electrocardiogram (ECG)
·      Cardiorespiratory fitness testing
·      Strength measurements
·      12-week training program with a personal trainer
You need to be vaccinated against Covid-19 to participate.
Volunteers will be compensated for their time and effort.
Sponsored by National Institutes of Health Common Fund.
Principal investigator: Scott Trappe, Ph.D.
IRB#: JHUSIRB00000008
Please email motrpac@bsu.edu or call 285-1156 for further information.

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