Do you want to create rich, engaging educational content in Canvas? With the new release of Beautiful Canvas Pages Made Easy, making Canvas pages that support student learning will be much easier! 

  • Monday, August 8, 1:00 – 2:00 P.M. 
  • Virtual workshop via Zoom 
  • Event will be recorded, and the recording will be shared with all registrants 
  • Interactive content will be available for use immediately during the workshop 


Beautiful Canvas Pages Made Easy 2.0 is a major update focused on interactive content. Here’s some of the wizardry you can add to your Canvas site with the new 2.0 version: 

  • Checklists that you can build into Pages or Assignments to give students a way to track their own progress. 
  • Tabs that you can use to organize content into sections that students can toggle between. 
  • Flash cards that your students can use to study terms, concepts, and more. 
  • Pop-ups that you can use to create quick knowledge checks. 
  • Tooltips that you can use to define terms, provide citations, or provide further information. 

Interested in adding these to your courses? Attend the launch workshop for Beautiful Canvas Pages Made Easy 2.0. We’ll show off the new interactive content, discuss how you can use the new content to increase student engagement in your course, and let you loose to start creating rich interactive content with these exciting new designs. 

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