Counseling Center Syllabus Statement and Canvas Site

January 04, 2024

Consider including the Counseling Center syllabus statement in your syllabus and the Counseling Center Resources Canvas Commons module on your Canvas site.

Syllabus Statement:

The Ball State University Counseling Center offers free and confidential services to all students. The Counseling Center is located in Lucina Hall, Room 320. To schedule an appointment, you can contact us at 765-285-1736. Ball State now also offers a 24/7 Crisis Line, which can be reached at 765-285-HOPE (4673). The Crisis Line is a mental health resource for those who are struggling with any mental health concerns, including thoughts of self harm and/or suicide.  

At the Ball State Counseling Center, we see students for a variety of reasons, some of which include homesickness, relationship concerns, anxiety, and depression. At your first appointment, you will work with a therapist to create a plan that will connect you with resources that best fit your needs. We assist students with getting connected to therapy at our Center as well as connecting students to self-help resources, other on-campus resources, and community-based resources. All Ball State students also have access to several on-demand, self-help resources through a variety of different platforms. All of these resources, including a direct link to our website, can be found here.  

Canvas Commons Module:

Import the Counseling Center Resources Canvas Commons module into your course today so your students can…

  • Have direct access to the Counseling Center contact information, including the 24/7 Ball State Crisis Line
  • Have up to date information on the services and resources the Counseling Center is providing this semester
  • Have direct access to all of the on-demand, self-help resources the Counseling Center provides 

To import, in Canvas, click on “Commons” on the left menu bar. Search for “Ball State University Counseling Center Resources.” Click on the module. Click “Import/Download” and select which course(s) you would like to import it into. Click on “Import Into Course”.

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