Cooper Science West Parking Lot- R11

January 14, 2022

Cooper Science West Parking Lot- R11

Starting on Wednesday, January 19, 2022, construction fencing will be installed around the entire Cooper Science Complex.

This will affect parking and access to the R11 lot west of the Cooper Science Building.

Only those spaces along the Christy Woods fence will be available. 

All other parking will be unavailable.

Vehicle Access
Vehicles will only be allowed to enter the R11 lot from Riverside Avenue.

All traffic will either exit back onto Riverside next to the dock or travel south on a one-way drive to the east side of West Quad. 

Vehicles can then travel to the south side of West Quad, eventually existing onto University Avenue.

Vehicles traveling west on Old Quad will be directed to University Avenue only for exiting.

These changes will remain in place until late Spring 2024.

Please contact Kelly Knable, Director of Construction, at 285-0585 or, with any questions or concerns. 

Thank you for your cooperation.

Facilities Planning and Management


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