Computer Science Colloquium: What I did during my summer vacation: My externship experience with the Indianapolis Airport Authority

November 23, 2021

Department of Computer Science Colloquium Series 2021-2022

Monday, November 29, 2021, 3:00 PM, RB 104

What I did during my summer vacation: My externship experience with the Indianapolis Airport Authority

David Largent, Associate Lecturer of Computer Science

Ball State University

The Indianapolis Airport Authority (IAA) provided an opportunity for me to conduct an extensive job-shadow in the form of an externship coordinated through the Ball State University Career Center. Over the course of three months during the summer of 2021, I met with 36 IAA employees from virtually all areas of the organization.  During my visits with each of the IAA employees I asked two questions.

•        Beyond the technical skills for which you are hiring them, what do you want a new hire (or intern) to have?

•        What have you noticed new hires (or interns) are surprised about as they start their employment with you?

Some of their responses were expected, but many were not. During my presentation, I will share my externship experience and observations. Based on them, I have developed three recommendations for how I and the Department of Computer Science might better prepare our learners for careers in computer science, or indeed, any career in the modern economy. These recommendations include stressing (1) the importance of oral and written communication, (2) the importance of business knowledge, and (3) the importance of understanding and recognizing workforce competencies.

Light refreshments will be served after in RB 460

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