Ball State University Laboratory Safety Policy

September 15, 2023

The Laboratory Safety Policy is intended to promote general laboratory safety, and applies to all Ball State University employees, students, visitors, and contractors.  As a PI or department administrator, please keep in mind that laboratory inspections will be completed annually (policy section VII. Inspections by ORI and EHS). The policy applies to all applicable Ball State University facilities designated as follows:

  • Primary Space:  Areas where scientific research and/or laboratory instruction is conducted, where materials are stored (includes stock rooms), and/or where preparation of materials is conducted (includes prep rooms).
  • Secondary Space:  Areas not used for research or laboratory instruction but where hazardous chemicals may be present.

Parties, such as PIs, lab managers, and department chairpersons, are responsible for ensuring all individuals using a primary or secondary space have met training requirements outlined in the Laboratory Safety Policy and are following the policy holistically. It is also the responsibility of all supervisors, lab managers, PI’s, and faculty to: 

  • Be familiar with BSU emergency procedures;
  • Ensure their personnel and students understand internal and/or specific emergency procedures; and
  • Make sure all personnel and students are aware of potential hazards and potential risks (policy section IX. Emergency Procedures and Insurance in Case of Potential Student Injury).

Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) and the Office of Research Integrity (ORI) are responsible for the administrative oversight of the Laboratory Safety Policy.   

For access to the new Laboratory Safety Policy, please visit the EHS website PolicyTech link.

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