The AAPI Faculty and Staff Association at BSU are pleased to have Prof. Ellen Wu present “How Asians Became America’s Model Minority and Why That Matters Today” virtually, Thursday, April 28, from 3:30-5:00 PM .Advance registration is requested 

Prof. Ellen Wu is an accomplished and renowned scholar in Asian American History/Studies. She has collected numerous accolades and awards, including New American National Fellowship, Ford Foundation Senior Fellowship, and Indiana Minority Business Magazine “Champion of Diversity” Award, just to name a few. She has published two books (one forthcoming) with Princeton University Press on racialized experience and race relations in the US, especially those of Asian Americans. She was also featured in the PBS documentary, Asian Americans. 

We want to thank the Office of Inclusive Excellence, Department of Sociology, and Department of Early Childhood Education, Youth, and Family Studies for their support!

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