Prepare a Smooth Transition to Online Instruction Webinar Series
November 16-20, Monday-Friday, 10 a.m.

From Thanksgiving Break to the end of the Fall 2020 semester, all Ball State courses will be online. We are here to help you prepare a smooth transition to online instruction via a 5-day webinar series.


  • Engagement Strategies to Check in with Your Students Online

  • What’s Your Back-up Plan?

  • Offer Meaningful Feedback with Canvas Tools

  • Gradebook Check-Up: Does your Canvas gradebook make the grade?

  • Exam Prep: Are you and your students ready for an online exam?

Engagement Strategies to Check in with Your Students Online

10 a.m., Monday, November 16

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What is your strategy to ‘check in’ and engage with your students online? Utilize Canvas as your classroom as you share important information and finish the course strong. Join us as we walk through a checklist of key strategies to employ to stay connected with your students – all in Canvas

In this one-hour webinar you will:

  • Assess and develop an engagement or ‘check-in’ strategy using the following online tools:
    • A survey with the Canvas Quiz Tool or a Microsoft Form
    • Canvas Inbox
    • Announcements in Canvas
    • Zoom in Canvas
    • Message Students Who Tool in Canvas
    • Two short video check-ins to embed in Canvas

What’s your back-up plan?

10 a.m., Tuesday, November 17

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Our theme for this presentation is to ‘expect the unexpected’ while online. Join us as we discuss key strategies to help you work through times of uncertainty. You will have an opportunity to share ideas and gain thoughts from others as you consider a tangible back-up plan for the remainder of the semester.

In this one-hour webinar you will:

  • Assess and share your late-work expectations for and with students
  • Create and share a communication plan with your students
  • Assess your technology back-ups, including Internet, computer, phone, and Zoom
  • Learn and share how your students can use Canvas Mobile to turn in assignments
  • Assess your contingency plan if you are unable to deliver assessments for students

Offer Meaningful Feedback with Canvas Tools

10 a.m., Wednesday, November 18

Instructor to student feedback is one of the most powerful instructional strategies for promoting academic achievement, retention, and student success. In this workshop, you will learn how to use Canvas tools to promote timely, balanced, actionable, and consistent feedback.

In this one-hour webinar you will:

  • Use the SpeedGrader to leave written and video feedback
  • Implement annotations onto submitted assignments to help students see exactly where they are not meeting criteria
  • Provide feedback on self-assessment quizzes
  • Explain to students how to view the feedback you have provided

Gradebook Check-Up

10 a.m., Thursday, November 19

Does your Canvas gradebook make the grade? Are you accurately communicating with your students their academic performance? Finals are sneaking up fast, spend an hour with us and make sure your gradebook is painting the academic performance picture you intended.

In this one-hour webinar and corresponding Canvas resource course, you will:

  • Recall how to create additional columns in the Canvas gradebook

  • Recognize how Assignment Groups can subtotal related columns, weight grades and allow you to drop (ignore) scores

  • Confirm that your grading scheme detailed in your syllabus matches the scheme used in Canvas

  • Recall how to view Gradebook history for recent changes in the course

  • Discover the steps to publish mid-term grades to Banner from Canvas

  • Locate grade information and Last Date of Activity for students who have withdrawn from a course

  • Discover how to share gradebook information with individual students

  • Recall how to export your grades from Canvas into an Excel spreadsheet

Exam Prep: Are you and your students ready for an online exam?

10 a.m., Friday, November 20

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During this 60-minute session, learn how to create quizzes in Canvas and employ Respondus Monitor. Respondus Monitor is integrated into Canvas and makes for seamless quiz integration.

Following this 60-minute webinar you will be able to:

  • Moderate quizzes in Canvas, Lockdown Browser, and Respondus Monitor
  • Craft clear quiz instructions in Canvas for students
  • Extend time for students to complete an exam in Canvas
  • Create a quiz in Respondus Monitor and deploy in Canvas
  • Review Respondus Monitor data
  • Employ a dry run of a quiz in Canvas

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