Are you a senior still looking for your next step? Consider a professional master's degree in Information and Communication Sciences

May 02, 2023

Just because you are graduating, doesn't mean you are ready to step into the professional world.  Why not spend one more year on our beautiful BSU campus to prepare yourself?  With any undergraduate degree as a foundation, you can earn a master's degree in just 11 months with our on-campus option. You don't have to choose between leadership, business, or technology because CICS combines all of those in a Master's in Information and Communication Sciences.  

We will be hosting information sessions over the summer, but the easiest thing to do is to schedule an appointment to see how this degree might fit into your life goals.  Schedule time here with program director Kirsten Smith.  

CICS was just ranked 12th in online information technology programs by US News and World Report in spring 2023.  We were also noted as best in the nation in the debt to income analysis of Master's programs in the July 16, 2021 issue of the Wall Street Journal.  We provide a proven springboard for both students who are not from a traditional technology background and those who are. We combine expert faculty, a cohort environment, social learning, real-world projects, and professional development activities to enable students to become socially adept leaders, critical thinkers, and agile innovators. CICS alumni are sought after because of their strong communication skills, resourcefulness, and ability to handle ambiguous situations.

Learn more about how the CICS program can help open doors and chart a clear path. Please feel free to contact me at or call 765-285-3762 or schedule a meeting.


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