Are you a Ball State undergraduate student wanting to get a jumpstart on your graduate studies?

May 06, 2021

Ball State is currently accepting AMP applications for the Master of Arts of Emerging Media Design and Development

What is the Emerging Media Design & Development Program?

Are you interested in human-centered design? With a Master's degree in Emerging Media Design & Development, you could create museum experiences, build games with virtual reality, or design a campaign to resolve the water crisis in North America. This degree allows your to up your game in transmedia storytelling, user-experience design, and design thinking. 

What sets our program apart is that it’s a hands-on, practical experience built around research and application. Our students do more than just sit in a classroom. They are working with real community partners (including David Letterman, First Point Volleyball Foundation, and Hasten Hebrew Academy of Indianapolis) to create immersive, interactive story experiences that solve real-world problems.

When students graduate, they know how to create experiences for the 21st-century marketplace. Students and professionals from both creative backgrounds (English, journalism, theater, graphic design, photography, TV/film) and technology backgrounds (computer science, Web design, animation) come together at the Center for EMDD to tell stories through screens, books, kiosks, stages, and even at live events.

No GRE required. Creatives welcome. Innovators encouraged to apply. To learn more about the program, check out at website at

What is the AMP?

    • If you are a current, admitted Ball State undergraduate student with at least 75 credit hours and a 3.25 cumulative GPA, you may be eligible for the Accelerated Master’s Program (AMP). 
    • The AMP will allow you to begin your graduate studies while still an undergraduate student!  Start your graduate classes while completing your undergraduate degree where your courses double count toward your bachelor’s and master’s degree?, which will save you time and money as you pursue your master's degree at Ball State. 
    • As an AMP student?, you will remain in undergraduate status and pay undergraduate tuition until you have fulfilled all requirements for your bachelor’s degree. Once a graduate student (upon graduation with your bachelor’s degree), your tuition and fees will be calculated as a graduate student, and you will become eligible to apply for graduate assistantships. You will be required to meet the GPA requirements for graduate study, which can be found in the graduate catalog.

To apply for AMP, complete the Graduate School application for admissions with the admissions requirements listed for your program of interest. You will need to select “Yes” when answering: “Are you a current Ball State University undergraduate student applying to the Accelerated Master's Program?”. This will ensure your application will be considered for AMP admission.  

For more information, email (Melodie Griffin, EMDD project manager)

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