Adult Participants Wanted for Research Study

June 10, 2022

Study Title: “Comparison of walking and stair climbing using a walking boot or an ankle brace to measure joint stabilization”

This study is being conducted by Drs. Clark Dickin and Henry Wang in the Biomechanics Laboratory at Ball State University.
IRB #1740167


  • To assess the effectiveness of a traditional walking boot to an ankle brace while walking and climbing up and down stairs. 


  • Individuals between the ages 60-80 years
  • No history of lower extremity injury in the previous three months
  • No chronic musculoskeletal or neurological conditions


  • You will be asked to complete one data collection session (approximately 1.5-2 hours)
  • We will attach some reflective markers to your arms, legs and feet using double-sided tape
  • During testing you will be asked to walk across a ~30-foot walkway about 15 times (~5 times while wearing shoes, ~5 times in a walking boot and ~5 times wearing an ankle brace)
  • We will also ask you to climb a set of three stairs 3-5 times and get up from a chair and walk 8-feet and turn around a cone and return to your chair.
  • Participants will receive a $50 gift card at the conclusion of the study


  • Biomechanics Laboratory at Ball State University (HP 309/311)
  • Parking is available if coming from off campus

For more information contact the Biomechanics Laboratory (765) 285-5178 or Emma Burns (, or Dr. Clark Dickin (

This will serve as the email, social media and BSU announcement.  

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